Wednesday 13 April 2011

Green woodworking & basketry courses

Jamie & Lin Lovekin

We are offering a series of practical, hands on workshops based in the National Trust woodlands at Penrose, Helston in which we will explore the use of 'green' or un-seasoned wood, and the traditional tools and techniques involved in this absorbing and satisfying craft.

Learn the way of cleaving, shaving, carving and weaving, and the use of tools such as the draw-knife, glut & maul, froe and shave horse. Understand the working properties of different tree species and know how to identify them.

Our courses are designed to promote a sense of slowing down and finding a rhythm suited to natural creativity. The days will involve hard work, fun, birdsong, a few blisters, good shared food, the smell of wood-smoke and hopefully a great sense of achievement for all.

Diary Dates:

14th May Spooncarving

18th-20th May Intro to Green Woodworking

20th – 22nd June Intro to Green Woodworking

23rd June Make a basket in a day

24th – 26th June Make a stool from a log

6th July Make a basket in a day

7th - 8th July Spooncarving

11th – 13th July Introduction to Green Woodworking

14th – 15th July Frame Baskets

     16th July Spooncarving


21st– 23rd July Make a stool from a log


Phone Jamie or Lin on 01736 763676


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