Friday 15 April 2011

The new woodland workshop 2011

The idea for the woodland workshop has been germinating for a few years now. We have both been practicing and teaching wood and withy crafts for ten years or so now, and we always felt it would be great if we could move what we do into a woodland environment.
Teaching and indeed practicing/learning green wood crafts in the shade of a summer woodland, beneath a simple canvas shelter, with the sounds and smells of nature all around, adds a new and rewarding dimension to what we do and what we can offer.
In the next month or so we will be busy building the tarpaulin workshop shelter and kitchen area, a fire-pit, a temporary composting toilet, perhaps a small kiln for drying chair and stool components, and no doubt many other unforeseen things/ideas that will make the courses we run enjoyable and successful.
Watch this space for updates and images of how we are progressing, as well as info on new courses etc.

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